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What We Believe

We are people called by God, redeemed by Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit to: 

Exalt God through Biblical worship 

Edify each other in loving fellowship 

Extend God's Word to others 

The Sanborn CRC is a Bible believing church founded on Calvinistic principles.  

Please join us this Sunday!

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  • Pastor Phil Westra

  • Linda Oldenkamp

    Secretary to Pastor, Bulletin
  • Ashley Sybesma

    Secretary to Council, Bookkeeper
  • Nikki Van Beek



Pastor Phil Westra

Council President, Music & Worship

Dave Hofman

Elder (24) Council Vicar, Education

Larry Reitsma

Elder (24) Building

Lee Reitsma

Elder (24) Pulpit Supply

Craig Solsma

Elder (25) Fellowship

Rich Vander Werff

Elder (25) Evangelism

Keven Van Meetern

Elder (26) Clerk of Elders

Kevin Wiekamp

Elder (26) Elder President, Youth

Josh Rydberg

Deacon (24) Deacon President, Council Clerk

Ken Reitsma

Deacon (24) Treasurer

Nick Schilling

Deacon (25) Assistant Treasurer

Cyle Carlson

Deacon (25) Special Offerings

Kevin Hofman

Deacon (26) Benevolence Treasurer

Chet Vander Velde

Deacon (26) Secretary